Thursday, 5/18/11

Want to learn to kip your handstand push-ups?  Sammy’s got you covered at Gymnastics tonight at 730pm! Kettlebell snatching and single leg squats are kiiiiinda hard.  Check out this video if you’d like to prep a bit more before you arrive at class today. Question of the Day: How do you define intensity? How do […]

Tuesday, 5/16/11

The end of the CFCC BCCC v. 2.0 is this coming Saturday morning!  If you’d like to have your measurements etc. taken… please come in!  I’ll be here at 9am – and we’ll be gone running from 10am to 11am… but I’ll be there for the remainder of the class times that day. What are […]

Saturday, 5/14/11

At 2pm today I’ll be making sandbags, spray painting logos, and generally making everything look nicer in the gym.  If anyone wants to help, please come by!  I’ll post some pics when I’m done… Good luck to Rachel Baratz, David Wisniewski, Tony Kasandrinos, and Meghan Ramos as they run their 5k today! [vimeo] Workout […]

Tuesday, 5/10/11

So you want to learn to do a free-standing handstand? Or do a muscle-up? Tuesday night at 730p our Gymnastics class will be doing a little of both! Self-Myofascial Release of the Day: Foam Roll anything that feels sore, 5 minutes. Mobility Workout of the Day (more on rowing if you click here): 90/90 off […]

Saturday, 5/7/11

It’s another amazing Saturday at CFCC.  Don’t miss out… and don’t make excuses! A little weekend reading: 18 blogs about nutrition and performance that you should be reading. *** if you are still following the Spring Leaning Challenge or CFCC BCCC v 2.0 – have no fear!  You’ll be receiving an email with information on […]

Sunday, 3/13/11

Classes this Sunday are only at 9am and 1pm – they will be taught by the one and only Jay Pepito! Rest up, folks – sectionals starts this coming Tuesday (REGISTER!) and new cycle of specialized classes and programming will be announced this evening! WORKOUT OF THE DAY: warmup: linear warmup breathing ladder (swings): 5-10-5 […]

Saturday, 3/12/11

It’s another epic CFCC Saturday!  Classes today are: a 9am regular partner WOD, a 10am CrossFit Endurance class, an 11am Kettlebellz session, a 12pm Gymnastics Session, and a 1pm regular partner WOD. This coming week is the start of the competitive season for CrossFit!  If you haven’t bought a t-shirt or registered to compete as […]