Monday, 12/13/10

Morning scores: [youtube=] We’ve talked a lot about Food Quantity at CFCC and the great things that it can do for your body composition and general wellness.  We’d like to take this week to start talking about Food Quality. Here’s a link to get you started. Thoughts?  Post to comments! “Lynne” Five rounds for max […]

Tuesday, 9/7/10

lying med-ball throws. POWER: Lying Medball Throws (partner-assisted), 4-6 sets of 5. STRENGTH: Pronated Pull-up, peak set of 5. METCON: “LYNNE with RINGS” 3-5 Rounds of: Max Reps Ring Dips Max Reps Ring Rows 1-3 minutes rest in between rounds. A few notes: DO NOT, (DO NOOOOOT) go to failure on ring dips of ring […]