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Goal Setting Seminar: Making the Most of Your New Year’s Resolutions

Our very own Abbey Sangmeister will be leading a “Goal Setting Seminar” this coming Sunday, January 22nd, 130-3pm. The fee for this seminar will be $10 for members and $50 for non-members.  If you’re looking for some guidance in setting aside the time to reorganize more than just your training but additionally, your goals in […]

Last call for the CFCC BCCC and details for participants!

Still keen on getting involved?  By Monday evening at 9pm an email from YOU needs to be in our inbox.  After that – there are no more entries!  Get in touch with us at crossfitcc@gmail.com if you’re still interested! The requirements for the BCCC (Body Composition Change Challenge) are as follows: 1. We need to […]

What’s the deal with the Nutrition-ey Challenge Stuff?

Here’s what you need to know about how CFCC is helping YOU to move into 2012 at your best: This Wednesday (that’s right, today) there’s a Nutrition Seminar happening INSTEAD of classes at 630pm.  Why are we doing this INSTEAD of classes?  Because what you eat affects your mood, your body composition (whether you want […]

Going away for the summer? Start a workout log!

Tara is leaving CFCC for the summer… but she will keeping a workout log that you can follow! (YESSSS) What say you? You don’t have a workout log? Poor form, buddy. Get one now. Here’s how: http://crossfitcc.com/workout-logs/

YOGA WORKSHOP – this Sunday at 10am!

To be taught by the lovely Katie Knight. Here’s what she has to say about it: Join me for an introduction to yoga! Learn the basics that anyone can access, and how they will be a great addition to your already exhilarating daily workouts. Get an inside look at everyday poses, how to breathe, and […]

Monday, 4/11/2011. Workout of the Day.

Lots of updates on the CFCC BCCC done today     CFCC WoD: SMR of the day: Lax ball to calves and peroneals, 1m per side. Activation: Band resisted sprints, 5-7 sets of 10s.  Focus on foot speed and technique. Power: Clean. Peak set of 3 reps. Metcon: 5 rounds for time: 10 wallballs 20 […]

Tuesday, 3/22/11

Classes tomorrow will be at 6a, 7a, 8a, 9a, (<—- taught by Sammy), noon (Erin), 430p (Sammy), 530p, and 630p (Greg) – and a 730pm Gymnastics Class taught by Sammy and a concurrent 730p Kettlebellz class taught by Jay. There is a KIPPING SEMINAR this Sunday (3/27) at 11am.  There is a MUSCLE-UP SEMINAR this […]

15 people in February.

Greetings, CFCCers. As some of you may know, while we absolutely love operating in the new space and feel that the coming months will welcome the best gym CFCC has seen yet – we’re missing a few things.  If we had our druthers we’d be introducing you to a fully outfitted, fully operational, and fully […]

SEMINAR, this Sunday at 2p.

Grog himself will be officially talking about PALEO: what it should and should not mean THIS SUNDAY, January 23rd, at 2pm in the NEW SPACE. Please sign up on the calendar to attend and/or check out the event on Facebook to RSVP and talk more about topics you would like to see covered. Here’s a […]