ASK ERIN: is this for me?

Hi Erin-   Thank you again for being such a great coach!     I am having doubts about my ability to be anything but mediocre at Crossfit.  I left (almost) every class feeling weak and sorry for myself..      I am definitely motivated by your enthusiasm for me to join, but are you […]

Ask Erin: training and diet as a newbie?

Recently received this question in my inbox and thought the answers I gave might be helpful for most of you to see! Of course, there’s always a LOT to say when someone asks a question about anything training or nutrition-related – but I do find that paralysis by analysis helps no one – simplify your […]

The first ever CFCC ON RAMP Class (CFCC ORC???) begins tonight at 630pm!

If you feel like it, 530pm – stay on to cheer the newbies on through what may very well be a life-changing experience for most of them… CINDY! Here’s what the rest of the week looks like for the ON RAMP: Monday, 630pm (Erin): Skill Work: Front Squatting (or… why good squatting is good for […]