Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 8.26.14

Next Monday Coaches Morgan and Record will be leading a Labor Day Bring a Friend WOD at 11am! Due to the holiday this will be the only class held that day. If you have friends or family who are interested in trying out CrossFit share the news! WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Lax ball to pecs […]


Workout of the Day: Saturday, 6.28.14

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” COMPETITOR TEAM PRACTICE: A. In teams of 3, take 15 minutes to warm up then, “2014 Team Regionals Event 2″ (modified)Teams get 2 attempts per athlete to find their 1-RM Hang Snatch in 4 minutes -Rest 2 minutes- “2014 Team Regionals Event 3″ (modified)Handstand Walk x Max Effort  Every […]