Monday 9/17/12

Tuesday, 9/18/12

It’s day 2 of Peak Week! ONE HOUR OLY with Sammy, at 12pm. SQUATTING SESSION, with Sammy at 630pm. GYMNASTICS, with Sammy, at 730pm. – Super fun metcon if you’re new to kipping handstand push-ups, AND there’s a skill section for kipping HSPU and Toes-to-Bar. Gymnastics is cancelled this Thursday so come out and play […]

Monday, 9/17/12

It’s PEAK WEEK! CROSSFIT ENDURANCE, at 630am with Liz. HYBRID/ADVANCED OLYMPIC LIFTING, with Jim, 530-730pm. ADVANCED OLYMPIC LIFTING, with Jim, 730-930pm. FOUNDATIONS, with Sammy, at 630pm. GYMNASTICS, with Sammy, at 730pm – it’s Handstand Push-up day! SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball Glutes, Hip Flexors, and Feet, 10 minutes. DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Lunged Windmill, Hip Swings, Leg Swings, […]

Monday, 8/20/12

CROSSFIT ENDURANCE with Liz, 630am. HYBRID OLY with Jim, 7-9am and 530-730pm. ADVANCED OLY with Jim, 9-11am and 730-930pm. CROGA with Tim, 1pm. FOUNDATIONS with Erin, at 630pm. GYMNASTICS with Sammy, at 730pm.  IT’S PEAK WEEK???  This is the week of singles at CFCC – if you haven’t grabbed a log book of some sort […]

Monday, 7/23/12

It’s PEAK WEEK! That is to say, it’s the FINAL week of this cycle, the week of singles, the week where EVERY member of CFCC feels like a unicorn (maybe!) and we all find out how much work the last VERY long cycle of the summer (8 weeks!) has done for us.  This means that […]

Monday, 4/30/12

Croga at 12pm and 630pm with Tim. It’s PEAK WEEK. Welcome to the week of singles!  If you don’t keep a workout log – START ONE THIS WEEK! SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Foam Roll and Lax Ball as needed til 10 past the hour. MOBILITY: Box Assisted Spiderman Stretch, 1 minute each side. Box Assisted 90/90, 1 minute […]

Monday, 3/12/12

IT’S PEAK WEEK! If you get a PR this week – LET YOUR COACH KNOW so we can mark it on the board! ELEMENTS: None – we have the next few weeks off due to the move! SPECIALIZED SESSIONS: Mobility with Tim at 730pm. GAMES: None! Mobilize thyself so WHATEVER comes at us on Wednesday […]

Monday, 11/7/11

It’s Peak Week! <— neon, in honor of our new t-shirts ($20). Wanna watch some football with CrossFitters? Come out to Smokin’ Betty’s at 11th and Sansom at 830pm tomorrow night! We’ll be there! The first Advanced Class is taking place this coming Sunday at 12-2pm. Expect some skill work, and a few short workouts […]

Friday, 10/7/11

It’s the last day of PEAK WEEK!  Did you PR this week?  What were your favorite lifts of this cycle?  Post to comments! Where will I get my carbs on a Paleo Diet?  From Diane of Balanced Bites. [youtube=] SELF MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball to Upper Traps with PVC, 1 minute each side.  Lax Ball […]

Thursday, 10/6/11

Look what’s in! SELF MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball to Glutes, 1 minute each side.  Lax Ball to Adductors, 1 minute each side. MOBILITY: Adductor Mobs, 1 minute each side. DYNAMIC WARM-UP: 3 minutes of Double Under Practice. ACTIVATION: Russian Kettlebell Swing, no more than 3 reps at a time for perfect form (overall precision and […]