Workout of the Day: Monday, 6.16.14

Thank you to everyone who came out for Saturday’s Prom! Congratulations to this year’s Prom King and Queen Danny and Paul! Are you guilty of any of these? VERY VERY VERY important reminders or honestly, probably some things you’ve never read before. Check out Eric Cressey’s article on 15 Static Stretching Mistakes WORKOUT OF THE DAY: […]

Workout of the Day: Sunday, 6.15.14

“Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad.” —Anne Geddes Happy Father’s Day to all of the fantastic fathers out there! ROWING: MOVEMENT PREP:5 minutes of mobility focusing on hip flexors and lats + 60 sec row sprint @ 80% Rest 30 sec45 sec row sprint @ 85%Rest 30 […]