Saturday, 2/2/13

INTRO to OLY, with Jim, 9am and 12pm. HYBRID/ADVANCED OLY, with Jim, 10am-12pm and 2-4pm. GYMNASTICS, with Sammy, at 12pm. BRING A FRIEND WOD, with Tim, from 11-12pm. Pictured below, you’ll see scenes from what happened last night at the gym at about 530pm.  Meghan and I had been out of the gym for nearly […]

Thursday, 1/3/12

ROWING with Ave, at 7am. ONE HOUR OLY, with Sammy, at 12pm. CROGA, with Tim, at 530pm. HYBRID/ADVANCED OLY, with Jim, 530-730pm. RUNNING, with Ave, at 530pm. GYMNASTICS, with Sammy, at 730pm. ADVANCED OLY, with Jim, 730-930pm. Sign up for Sammy’s upcoming Gymnastics Seminar. Sign up for the Olympic Weightlifting Q&A this Saturday evening. January […]

Tuesday, 1/1/13

WELCOME TO 2013, CFCC! Get excited. This year is FULL of new things for our little home at 13th and Chestnut.  Expect many announcements on our plans for the next few months over the weekend before the new cycle begins on the 7th. In the meantime, thank YOU for making this year an incredible time […]

Monday, 10/15/12

It’s PEAK WEEK!  But not really… it’s the week before the CrossFit Total (all day SUNDAY) and that is an ENTIRELY different matter, friends! If you haven’t signed up yet – there are seven spots left! Sign up now! “The CrossFit Total reflects an athlete’s functional strength capacity more accurately than any other test” – […]

Tuesday, 10/9/12

ROWING, with Ave, at 7am. ONE HOUR OLY, with Sammy, 12pm. CROGA, with Tim, 630pm. RUNNING, with Ave, at 530pm. SQUATTING ONLY, with Sammy, 630pm. HYBRID/ADVANCED OLY with Jim, 530-730pm. GYMNASTICS with Sammy at 730pm. – come work on the butterfly kip and the ring dip! ADVANCED OLY with Jim, 730-930pm. Are you struggling with putting things in […]


October’s well-deserving Member of the Month is Joey Hand! Mr. Hand is a dedicated member, attending not only regular classes with great consistency, but Endurance classes as well. He’s seen great strength and conditioning gains since beginning with us 6 months ago. Of course, we have tons of members who attend very regularly and frequent […]

Monday, 11/8/12

Coming up on THIS SATURDAY: Total fitness includes body, mind and spirit. Your thoughts can either contribute to your health, well-being and success, or contribute to your frustration, stress and dissatisfaction. Proper “thinking push-ups” can create neuro pathways that can build new thought “muscles” to bypass old and unhelpful ones. When the right thoughts are at […]

Monday, 9/24/12

ENDURANCE (Running) 630am with Liz – also, remember, this WEDNESDAY at 730-9pm, we’ll be running the third evening in a five-week series of Comprehensive Running Classes as part of our “Reinvent Your Run” series. Sign up today! HYBRID/ADVANCED OLY with Jim at 530pm. ADVANCED OLY with Jim at 730pm. FOUNDATIONS with Sammy, at 630pm. GYMNASTICS […]

Friday, 9/21/12

HYBRID/ADVANCED OLY with Jim, 530-730pm. Don’t forget!  All classes this Sunday are cancelled – get in here today! If you haven’t read this post already… the Nutrition section of the website is EXPANDING. Take a look at Meghan’s perspective on WHY she is more than a little passionate about what she does. WORKOUT OF THE […]


The time has come to announce our very first Member of the Month! First of all, a big thank you to everyone who submitted a vote and took the time to say a good word for a fellow member. We had a tremendous variety of nominations this month, which I think speaks to the tremendous […]