Saturday, 8/27/11

Be fit for more than the thing you are now doing. Let everyone know that you have a reserve in yourself; that you have more power than you are now using. If you are not too large for the place you occupy, you are too small for it.—James A. Garfield The CrossFit Total is almost […]

Winners of CFCC’s latest Body Composition Change Challenge!

Congratulations to Abbey and Reuben for winning this past summer’s Nutrition Challenge!  They will each receive gift cards for fun CrossFit stuff as rewards for their hard work and incredible progress!  Ask them about what they’ve been up to to learn more about what are Nutrition Challenges are all about – or read below! Abbey […]

Monday, 8/22/11

Can you guess which of the coaches made Gluten-Free Schnitzel last week? See this recipe and post guesses to comments.  Hint: this one’s the coach most likely to start the coffee machine at around 6pm. ————————– OLYMPIC LIFTING is on for this Monday at 12pm with Jim!  You’ll be working on the Snatch and the […]

Saturday, 7/9/11

You’re reading the Calendar correctly if all you see is Specialty Classes and On-Ramp slated for today.  Get yourself to a specialty class.  They’re good for you! Thinking about cooking your food for the weekend?  Miss sammiches? Try prepping at least ONE of these 15 ways to make a Lettuce Wrap here.  Seriously, eating well […]

Thursday, 6/30/11

Looking for a way to hydrate and also manage the taste of BCAA’s? This is from BIG JIM! I think you could do a little less honey if you wanted or just put in a little fruit juice instead that might be a lot easier. HAPPY HOUR is tonight at 730pm at Marathon at 10th […]

Tuesday, 5/31/11

Like Shrimp? Here’s the Quick Guide to Shrimp – that’s a lotta protein in one little creature! Top 10 Reasons Heavy Weights Don’t Bulk Up Women, or…. why being strong is not only really fun, but really beautiful. (Taught by Erin: Downstairs for Back Squat, Upstairs for Kipping Pull-ups.  Members share racks in the basement. […]

Tuesday, 3/1/11

Welcome to March, friends! Classes tomorrow will be at 6a, 7a, 8a, 9a, noon, 430p, 530p, 630p and a 730p Gymnastics class run concurrently with a 730p Kettlebellz class. Roasted Balsamic Beets – it’s true: pretty much everything roasted is amazing… Yet another way to get the most out of Pork Shoulder. ACTIVATION: 5 minutes, […]

SEMINAR, this Sunday at 2p.

Grog himself will be officially talking about PALEO: what it should and should not mean THIS SUNDAY, January 23rd, at 2pm in the NEW SPACE. Please sign up on the calendar to attend and/or check out the event on Facebook to RSVP and talk more about topics you would like to see covered. Here’s a […]

CFCC BCCC: How to eat more vegetables…

Here’s an article I posted a while ago. Basically there’s a whole BUNCH of recipes in there that could be useful AND tasty. Here are, also, some helpful carbohydrate stats: Yam (1 cup): 35g Butternut Squash (1 cup): 20g Brown Rice (1 cup): 45g Wild Rice (1 cup): 35g Dry Quaker Oats (1/2 cup): 28g […]

Things you can expect during the BCCC.

Losing a lot of fat quickly is a big change for your body to go through.  Here are a few random points, in no particular order, that are good to be aware of when making such a drastic change in body composition: Issue #1:  You might not be able to recover as well or quickly […]