Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 6.12.13

More reminders! We’re going to Wissahickon Saturday – sign up here! The Liberty Barbell Classic is June 22nd – sign up to compete here! Interested in fun things that CFCCers are doing?  Check out this Facebook group! If you haven’t already, please submit your vote via an email to for Member of the Month. […]

Record is going to Regionals…DETAILS.

You were ALL a part of getting her there – NOW, go cheer her on at Mid-Atlantic Regionals in Maryland!  Details follow.  Check back on this post for changes to the travel plans, etc. I’ll be keeping a running list of who’s going with who and when by updating the below. [youtube=] WHERE’S ALL THE […]

Wednesday, 3/28/12

There is no CrossFit Endurance or Mobility today! Our apologies for the slightly unpredictable schedule! We are trying to get a sense of what class sizes can be like in the new space – especially given that some of the extra equipment (rings, pull-ups bars, platforms) is not completed yet. All that said, if you […]

Tuesday, 1/10/12

There are a few more spots open for the CrossFit Total on January 21st. This is a classic CrossFit workout that tests three very important lifts – the back squat, conventional deadlift, and military press (strict press). It’s something we typically do only twice a year – so don’t miss out!  Sign up in the […]