Workout of the Day, 3.2.13

INTRO TO OLY, with Erin, at 8am, 9am, and 12pm. HYBRID/ADVANCED, with Erin, 10-12pm. SQUATTING ONLY, with Chris, 10am and 11am. CONDITIONING ONLY, with Chris, 12pm. Just a note that Friday nights at CFCC are VERY fun… even when the metcon is GOD-AWFUL. Peak Week Awesomeness:

Tuesday, 6/7/11

Oh, look! Reid has the muscle-ups! Go to Gymnastics tonight at 730pm to get more party tricks like these :) Self Myofascial Release: Foam Roll Hips and Upper Back, til 5 minutes past. Mobility: Wall Quad Stretch, 1 minute each side. Dynamic Warm-up: 3 rounds of 5-10 reps each: Cat Camel, Thoracic Mobilizations, Leg Swings, […]