Thursday, 8/2/12

HYBRID OLY, with Sammy, 7-9am, 530-730pm. ADVANCED OLY, with Jim, 9-11am, and 730-930pm. CROGA, with Tim, 1-145pm. CROSSFIT LOVE’S SUMMER CLASSIC is at The Piazza on this weekend – we’ve got a few athletes competing and it’s sure to be a fun night for all – bring you and yours, and come out on Saturday! […]

Tuesday, 3/20/12

THE NOON TODAY IS CANCELLED due to a LARGE shipment of new equipment coming in around then. Check our Facebook Page to be made aware of the arrival time of this shipment and if you around and don’t mind – we do need help carrying 1300lbs. of stuff into the basement. Also, we’re moving on […]