Meg’s BCCC Goal.

Don’t forget, the CFCC BCCC starts this week! If you’re a CFCC’er who’s interested in participating, all the details are here. If you missed our nutrition seminar last week, notes will be posted today!   I can remember a brief, shining span of time in my life when my sleep was ON POINT. The alarm […]

Days 10,11, 12 (OOPS) and WHY I’M GOING TO BED RIGHT NOW.

Friends. It’s been quite a week. I have a post in the works about how sleep is an integral part of your overall health, but given that fact that it is now 10:30 and I JUST finished eating dinner and I am possibly seeing dream-Jesus at the end of a tunnel right now, I think […]

Thursday, 10/20/11

Do you want to see some of your fellow CFCCers kick butt this Saturday at their first Oly Meet?  The location is only about 20 minutes away by car and we can definitely get a carpool going if I know you’re interested.  Most folks are lifting early on Saturday until mid-afternoon.  If you’re interested in […]

Monday, 1/9/11

METCON: In the Racquetball Court. I’m not telling you… but really.  You should come. Sleep is pretty important.  Here are 17 ways to improve it. It’s Monday.  Which of these excuses is your favorite? Post to comments… and then start your week off right. [youtube=]  

Monday, 12/5/10

Sessions tomorrow will be at 6a, 8a, 12p, 5p, 6p (running), and 7p.  See you there, friends! plyo pushups, 5×5.  5 rounds : 2 Turkish getups each side (2/1.5), 20 box jumps, 1m front plank. WHAT IS REST? Rest is needed. It’s the time you need to get done what you need to get done […]