Workout of the Day: Sunday, 10.26.14

Registration for the 2014 Stache Showdown is open!  Find a partner, and sign up! WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Foam roll/lax ball as needed for 3 minutes, One-Arm Doorway Pec Stretch x 60 sec/side,  Wrist/forearm stretch x 60 seconds/side, 10 birddog, 10 cat & camel, 10 leg swings fwd/back/side, 30ft SL Deadlift STRENGTH:  A. Atlas Stone to Shoulder – […]

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Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 12.3.13

THE RITTENHOUSE RUN THIS YEAR IS ON THE 21st OF DECEMBER!  Bring your Ugly Sweaters and run like the Dickens around Center City! The video below is of our FIRST run in 2010! Looking for some nutrient density?  Change up your breakfast with these mix and match options! How your posture can affect your brain! […]

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Workout of the Day: Thursday, 11.28.13

HAPPY THANKSGIVING/CHANUKAH, CFCC! WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball TFL, Adductors, Pec Minor – 8 minutes. 3 Rounds of: Prone Ts – 10 reps + 10 second hold, Prone Lower Trap Extensions – 10 reps + 10 second hold, Glute Bridge – 10 reps + 10 second hold. CONDITIONING: “BARBARA” Five rounds, each […]


Deck the Halls with A NEW SHINY CYCLE!

From the TED Radio Hour comes a whole hour devoted to the concept of “Success” – it’s definitely a CrossFit-ey type buzzword, have a listen while you contemplate the last few months of 2013! This cycle will take us all through Fall and Thanksgiving and right up until December 21st. From the 22nd til January […]

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Workout of the Day: Thursday, 10.31.13

Please remember that the 630-830pm Hybrid class is cancelled tonight AND there is no 830pm class this evening!  All other classes are on as usual.  Also, if you haven’t yet, take a look at the new Hybrid schedule and programming! Stache Showdown sign-up is officially up – go here for all the info and to […]


Greetings Moustachians!  As promised, this is your official notice as to how the event tomorrow will be organized.  ALL COMPETITORS MUST BE WARMED UP AND READY TO BEGIN AT 6:30PM, ON THE DOT, REGARDLESS OF WHICH HEAT YOU’RE IN. These events will move FAST, and we will not wait for you! If you’re not ready […]

No matter HOW TIRED YOU ARE TODAY all your deadlifts need to start like this.

Saturday, 10/17/12

SIGN UP FOR THE STACHE SHOWDOWN. And watch this again, because I don’t understand it at all but I know it’s GREAT. Today’s the day!  Many of your fellow CFCCers are out at CrossFit OTG competing today!  Wish them luck and follow Facebook for the unfolding events of the day! Please wish: Cathryn Sanderson, Cassie […]