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Workout of the Day: Friday, 7.12.13

Welcome to another #STRONGMANFRIDAY :) Don’t forget that the Liberty Barbell Club meeting is tonight at 745pm in the Oly Area. Join us to talk about the future of Olympic Lifting at CFCC! Khanh and Kim deadlifting in the park on the 4th of July. WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll and Lax […]


Workout of the Day, 4.1.13

ROWING, with Greg, at 630pm. FOUNDATIONS (dumbbell thruster review and front squats), with Greg, at 730pm. HYBRID/ADVANCED with Jim, 330-530pm, 530-730pm, and 730-930pm. Below, Fasolino. Up top, his postural progress from weeks of careful attention to his shoulders in “Shoulder Love” class and Croga. We’ve got something in the works for our “corrective exercise” genre […]

Workout of the Day, 1/10/13.


Friday, 8/17/12

A little weekend reading: 1. WHY DO IT RIGHT WHEN I CAN DO IT WRONG? – why Range of Motion matters… and why we love sexy metcons too but you should probably do them well – it’s SEXIER! 2. CROSSFIT, it’s not for everyone. – seriously, not joking. 3. Eggs, Cigarettes – you saw the study, […]

Monday, 2/6/12

By the end of this week we’ll be trying to have everyone on board with the new MINDBODY scheduling system – if you’re unaware of the changes, please check out this post. To get started with signing up for classes, just go here. This is all a big part of making CFCC as safe, and […]

Thursday, 10/27/11

DYNAMIC WARM-UP: 30 seconds with each: Cat Camel, Arms Extended Plank, Arm Swings, Leg Swings, Hip Swings, Back Leg Swings. POSTURE and STABILITY: Handstand Hold, 1 minute each side. SKILL WORK: One Armed Handstand (Wall Assisted) STRENGTH: Single Arm Dumbbell Press, up to a peak of 3. METABOLIC CONDITIONING: For time: 15-12-9 reps of: Weak […]