In honor of our guests last night (Thanks again for visiting, Bill and Hayley!) and because pumpkin and pancakes definitely go together. Most things in nature are at their fullest when they move with others: have you check out Advanced Classes yet?  Inspiration is a daily activity, CFCC – why not schedule it?  The list’s […]

The next Olympic Lifting cycle starts next Monday, October 31st and is open to non-members!

Video from the actual Olympic Lifting meet from this past Saturday will be posted soon – until then, enjoy this little training montage :)  Don’t worry, all the good competitive lifts are coming up in the next one!  This is just further proof that we can all learn from our mistakes! [youtube=]   The next […]

A long time ago we did Sandbag Turkish Get Ups!


Thursday, 9/15/11

Do you want to come cheer on the Half Marathon Runners this Sunday?  If so, plan to meet at the Art Museum at 7am on Sunday.  I’ll be running over from being at the gym at about 630am if anyone else wants to run over with me.  :) Current runners: Anthony Kasandrinos, Rachel Baratz, Todd […]