Thursday, 2/10/11

If you’d like to compete on a team of 4 for the CrossFit South Philly Rumble on April 3 – we’re going to help you form teams! The cost is $25 per person and $100 per team and anyone that wants to compete can as long as there’s still room.  Please sign up on the […]

CFCC Programming 2.0

Notes on CFCC’s programming from Grog: The key to getting the most of this programming is going to be auto-regulation (operating within your DAILY capacity, not your ABSOLUTE capacity). You will NOT always be hitting PR weights, and that must be understood. Your adaptations will be based on speed and proficiency in each lift, as […]

Tees for $20!

HEYO. These t-shirts are now on SALE for $20 a shirt (originally $30)! The bag o’ shirts will be at the gym this weekend and we’d love for you to grab one in exchange for cash/check. We have a bunch left but not all sizes so choose wisely and make sure you look through our […]

Friday, 11/26/10

Class today will be held at 10am.  Liz will be coaching.  All other classes are cancelled. Tabata:  KB snatches left, KB snatches right, double KB front squats (1.5/1 each hand), renegade rows (L+R=2.  1.5/1 each hand) Occasionally, restart your training with the Zen notion of the beginner’s mind. Find a book or training article that […]

Grog v. Kalsu

WHAT IS KALSU? Is happening this Sunday at 1p – right before the CFCC PCDCCBC (which obviously you are all coming to).  Wanna keep him company during what is, quite possibly, the worst CrossFit workout EVER?  Show up on Sunday. If you have no idea what this is about – you need to hang out […]

Friday, 9/17/10

POWER: Medball Shotputs, 5 x 3 STRENGTH: Press or Handstand Push-up variant, peak set of 3 METCON: AMRAP in 10 minutes: 10 plate presses, right arm (45/25) 10 plate presses, left arm (45/25) 10 knees to elbows

Monday, 9/6/10

Kelsey, displaying some pretty good form mid-metcon! POWER: Box Jumps, peak set of 5 STRENGTH: Front Squat, peak set of 5 METCON: 3 rounds of: AMRAP in 1 minute of 80% of Front Squat peak set AMRAP in 1 minute of complete burpee box jumps Rest 1 minute.