On Beginning A Journey.

Something tragic happened to me last night, guys. I had one of those workdays yesterday. You know, the kind where you end up just laughing slightly hysterically at your desk because you are in the middle of six projects, all on various looming deadlines, the emails are piling up in your inbox, you realize that […]

HOW CFCC EATS, the Epic Post.

Before you address the rest, if you’re interested in seeing some physical results of past challenges, check out the links below! ERIN’S PROGRESS¬† I now compete in the 58kg class for Olympic Weightlifting (when I am competing) and walk around at about 135lbs. while NOT eating bread or other gluten-containing substances except for on EXTREMELY […]

Tuesday, 7/26/11

Are you interested in going to York, PA this coming Saturday to watch the Olympic Lifting Meet? Please respond in the comments so we know who to email when we coordinate rides!¬† We’ll leave the gym at at least 730am on Saturday and probably be back in the evening. Sometimes You Gotta Just Do it […]