Monday, 3/12/12

IT’S PEAK WEEK! If you get a PR this week – LET YOUR COACH KNOW so we can mark it on the board! ELEMENTS: None – we have the next few weeks off due to the move! SPECIALIZED SESSIONS: Mobility with Tim at 730pm. GAMES: None! Mobilize thyself so WHATEVER comes at us on Wednesday […]

Saturday, 3/10/12

Specialty Classes: CROSSFIT ENDURANCE at 10am, YOGA at 11am, GYMNASTICS at 1pm. Elements: With Liz, 11am. With Tim, 10am. CrossFit Games Open: 12pm. GYMNASTICS SKILLS DOMINANT SESSION: Kipping Toes to Bar, Knees to Elbows. CROSSFIT ENDURANCE: With your partner, row 8k in 2k intervals. Every 400m, row 100m with high intensity View the full workout […]