The Open happened! Hooray! Now what?


If you’re reading this, it means you made it. Yes, you made it through the chaos, fear, elation and confusion of the annual CrossFit Open. For many of you, it meant facing down your inner Jessie Spano and prevailed (fortunately, much like Jessie, #90s).

That leads us to what do you do now? Allegedly, it’s spring which means SUMMER and trips to that place with the sand near the big blue watery thing are not actually that far away… Maybe you have some goals that started as resolutions and then they slid away..

Maybe The Open forced you to find some holes in your fitness game and you want to get some more speciality work in? Maybe you’re now just seeing that we have some new classes for the spring. Let’s talk using some convenient and highly plausible fictitious athletes!

Mystery Athlete 1: “Yea, that workout with the snatches… Let’s never talk about that again.”

While hiding from workouts is certainly an option. It’s not one that we recommend. Instead… Try “Intro to LBC”!! You can drop in with your good ol’ fashioned CFCC membership for Intro to Olympic Lifting classes taught by our resident experts Morgan and Zoda 4x/week! You don’t have to commit to anything other than the session you signed up for so come in, learn why becoming a more proficient lifter makes you a better CrossFitter. Monday and Wednesday mornings at 7:30am and Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 7pm.

Also, Squatting class! Because, well, you’ll need that too.

Mystery Athlete 2: “Handstand pushups? Cool.” *goes to grab an abmat and quietly escapes out to the alley*

Gymnastics! We do this! 3x/week no less! Going upside down is a perfectly natural thing to have anxiety about (I mean, have you seen Tommy the Bulldog freak out when people try it??). However, in the interest of not lending out football helmets, we’d rather build you up to getting those push ups. What’s even better – you can drop in and drop out of the sessions. Tuesday, Thursday at 5:30pm and then Saturdays at 8:30am.

Mystery Athlete 3: “Man, those double-unders… WTF..”


Mystery Athlete 4: “I love CrossFit, but what else can I experiment with to mix up my training?”

Well done mystery athlete! Perfect segway. Come try out our new class durABLE! We love barbells, believe us we really do. However, sometimes you need more than just a barbell (shhh). That’s where durABLE comes in. We get stronger at the borders of our experience and comfort zones – what durABLE uses are odd objects, balancing work as well as strongman toys to get your brain and nervous system firing in different ways. Why does this help? Say you catch a barbell slightly incorrectly, the stronger you are in other areas, the better you can maintain your form and complete your lift. Also, it’s fun. Do rolls, pull sleds, flip tires – be a damn ninja. Also, Bikes and Bells! Because #cardio.

Last but not least!! Don’t try and out-train a poor diet!

Having a plan on what you should be eating is a huge part of powering your gain train. Don’t forget that! Need help? We do that too you know. Email and we can talk about options.

CONGRATS TO EVERYONE ON SURVIVING THE OPEN!! See you Friday, March 31st for our Post-Open party, “17.6” at 8pm!


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