The Pull-up Project: To Pull is Human!

In the video above, you can see all the various types of movement patterns that can relate back to the simple act of pulling yourself over a bar (this is really only a small sample). What you may not see in this video is that I started with average (or, 1 1/2 inch thick) banded pull-ups just like most of you!

At CFCC, one of our long-held beliefs is that ANYONE can and should be able to do a pull-up. The simple act of being able to pull your body up over something whenever you need to is not only a primal need but obviously a basic start to creating a good foundation for upper body strength that can transfer to so many other things in the gym and in life.

With that said, if you have spent the last “______” days/months/years saying “I wish I had a bodyweight pull-up” or “I would really love to be able to stop worrying about these stupid bands” or “However shall I survive a fall off a cliff if I can’t pull my body over it?!” – then the #CFCCPULLUPPROJECT is for you! Your time has come! 

What is it?

The Pull-up Project is 6 weeks of 2 extra days of programming that you can include in your weekly agenda of CrossFit preferably BEFORE but also possibly after your existing Workout of the Day or Weightlifting Session. I will post program week to week in a specific Facebook Group for our small group! The #cfccpullupproject is definitely best used in conjunction with your #eatwithapurpose goals but definitely does not need to be.

We will start officially on Monday, January 11th and we will officially TEST in the week of February 22nd! This is the first week of the CrossFit Open! 

Goals of the Program:

1. Get your first bodyweight pull-up.

2. Get a stronger pull-up.

3. Get better consecutive pull-up strength.

4. Improve scapular positioning for healthier shoulders and eventual kipping progress.

5. Provide a medium for better upper body strength and stability for athletes who cannot typically make it to accessory classes like gymnastics.

What We Need From You:

1. A commitment to completing the program (you need to email me, and you need to be ok with recording your progress in public!)

2. A written, public commitment to your specific goal: i.e. what kind of pull-up prowess are you looking to build? Your first? Your sets of 10? (to be posted at the front of the gym of the #cfccpullupproject board). You will also use this board to mark off when you have completed your “pull-up homework”.

3. Posting a picture or video on social media (for accountability and social motivation) at least 1x per week! You will also film your first peak pull-up and your final peak pull-up attempts in the 1st and last week of the program.

4. Be polite about where you do your pull-ups. :) Ask a coach where you will be out of the way, and respect whatever else is happening in the gym at the time.

5. Put in the work and trust the process!

If you are interested or have any questions about this, please email me at and put #cfccpullupproject in the subject line. Let me know what YOUR specific goal would be for this 8-week accessory work piece! 

I’m excited to see what this little challenge creates!


One quick PS:

If you are a member of one of our many specialized programs and are interested in completing the program but curious about managing volume – please email me directly. If you are a consistent attendee of our gymnastics classes and are interested in completing the program, please email me directly as well. You may be able to complete the program depending on some other mitigating factors which we can chat about specifically.

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  1. Sam says:

    I have taken your advice and just completed my first full pull up after two months of building my strength. Thank you for your help.

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