Things we are thankful for.

Three Things I am Thankful for at CFCC:

1. My Coaching Staff, aka – the best Coaching Staff in all the land.  Some of you may not know but I put your Coaches through a rigid amount of criticism, lifting of all the weights on delivery day, and meeting about all the things.  We learn together, make mistakes together, and generally, I couldn’t do ANYTHING without their support.  More specifically, I am thankful to Meghan for keeping me sane, to Ave for asking me so many questions I am forced to learn, to Tim for always being able to make me laugh, to Chris for making me feel like what I say matters, to Rachel for always asking me how I’m doing as a person, to Sammy for keeping me virtuous, to Danny for giving me confidence in my ability to hire good people, and lastly, to Jim, for coaching a coach (not an easy thing to do).

2. All of the members who are still here from CFCC in Camac (that’s coming on 4 years ago – WHAT?!) – each one of you has contributed to the spirit of CFCC as it stands today.  Every time I program, every time I think about why I do what I do, and every time I plan to change yet ANOTHER thing at CFCC, I am grateful for each of you.  You have remained here through all the same changes that have been very difficult for me to work through, and you have suffered them all with smiles on your faces and sweat on your brow.  Thank you for being you, for helping me to begin, and for supporting me as more than members, but as friends for these last four years.

3. All of the members who we’ve gained in this year!  You are all the future of CFCC and it is like a breath of fresh air to see your excitement for CrossFit.  It’s incredible to think that even though we’re just getting started, it feels like you all have been here forever!  Thank you for committing your time, your faith, and let’s face it, a decent portion of your paychecks to being here!

4. (Sorry, I had to) – Mr. Arrus Farmer.  Without him, I really couldn’t do anything I do and we would basically be homeless.

The 10am Thanksgiving WOD crew. (I LOVE THIS PICTURE)

It’s that time of the year! The Coaches wanted to tell you what they are thankful for at CFCC:

From Coach Sammy:

1. each and every single member. For each and every smile that breaks on my face as I witness them defeating their fears, previous PR’s, and own expectations. For the inspiration and drive they provide for me to not only improve as a coach, but as a woman, an individual, a human.
2. my amazing, ridiculously absurd, and obscenely strong coworkers whom I call my family. A family that wears jeggings together stays together.


From Coach Danny:

I am thankful for:
1. The opportunity to have a job that I am in love with! Going to work never actually feels like work because of how much I enjoy coaching and learning from all of CFCC’s wonderful members. I am so thankful that everyone has been so welcoming over my first three months at CFCC. This is an amazing box and family.
2. Facial Hair
3. Jim Rutter

From Coach Chris:

I’m thankful for:
1. The awesome staff and members at CFCC
2. Learning something new everyday
3. That I have a job at CFCC that I love to do.

From Coach Tim:

I am thankful for our community of athletes.
I am thankful for the people that come in everyday, embrace the suck, and still thank me at the end of class.
I am thankful for being apart of a coaching staff that is so good; other gyms can’t replicate it.

From Coach Jim:

I’m thankful for
1. A great group of enthusiastic committed athletes
2. My health and the good health of those around me
3. a place I can bring my dog to work!

From Meghan!

1. I am and will forever be thankful that my life no longer involves a cubicle and a very specific lunch hour and instead revolves around 95% fun things (designing Shankle shirts and Swanson posters and organizing events and playing fetch with Maddox and painting walls and throwing heavy stones, and only every so often having to pick up empty water bottles from the main area, ahem). It doesn’t even feel like work, most days, and I think that’s incredibly rare and wonderful gift to be able to say that about your “job.”

2. I’m thankful that I’m among a group of people that think it’s really the coolest to be a little goofy and never take themselves TOO seriously, to ask a lot of questions and never be afraid to learn or try new things and to encourage old and new members alike to become even better than they think they’re capable of becoming.

3. I’m thankful that, even though I’ve thought more than once that my (insert name of muscle here) MAY have actually declared a permanent leave of absence from whatever body part it belongs to and that I may never be able to stand/sit/ascend/descend stairs without pain – I have a body that’s capable and pretty strong and I live in a world where the number of burpees/squats/pullups I may have to do during a workout is really the most stressful thing I have to deal with at that particular moment – and for that I’m grateful.

*And in the spirit of all of this, I’m adding Nutella gelato at Capogiro and caramel budinos at Barbuzzo to my list as well. :)

From Coach Rach:

1.  The amazing and smart programming at CFCC. We may complain and take it for granted, but we train with purpose…that’s not a given at every Crossfit gym.
2.  The close friendships that I’ve made over the past 3.5 years at CFCC.  They say it can be hard to meet people and make friends after the “college years.” Not with CFCC in my life!
3.  The opportunity to coach such a diverse group of athletes, all with such inspiring dedication and camaraderie.
4.  To add to Ave’s sentiments…the juice place at RTM :)

From Coach Ave:

1. Maddox, being able to bring my dogs to work, and our general dog-friendly-ness.

2. The way everyone thanks their coach after every class.
3. The proximity of Bassett’s ice cream in Reading Terminal.

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