Thursday, 11/10/11

Wanna get a muscle-up? Tonight could be the night – come to Gymnastics at 730pm!

Interested in Advanced Classes at CFCC Thursday is the last day you can add yourself to the email list (check the bulletin board at the front of the gym). An informational email will be sent to all on the list about qualifying and about attending the first session on Sunday at 12-2pm.

Battle of the Bands is not this Saturday but the next.  Athletes report at 8am and everything will be done by 12pm.  If you’re looking for a kick in the pants when it comes to your own training OR some good old fashioned competition… this is YOUR day!  Prizes are going to be AWESOME…sign up by Monday!

Quite possibly the best picture of a double under ever - Len pictured, Ramsey behind the photo.

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball to Shoulders, to 5 past.
MOBILITY: Barbell Assisted Thoracic Extension, 1 minute.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: One Armed Handstand Practice, 5 minutes. 10 Glute Bridges every time you rest.
STRENGTH: Single Arm Press, peak of 1.
METABOLIC CONDITIONING: In 5 minutes, max double unders. If no double unders, as many as you can try to get in 5 minutes – 1 counts!


GYMNASTICS at 730pm with Sammy:

Skill: Muscle-Up

Met-Con: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps for time

Jumping muscle-ups
Burpee Box Jumps

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