Thursday, 11/29/12

ROWING, with Ave, 7a.

RUNNING, with Ave, 530p.

ALL THE CLASSES YOU SEE CANCELLED ON MINDBODY (OLYMPIC LIFTING and CROGA) are cancelled due to the fact that Sammy has surgery scheduled for a procedure that we hope will help her legs (for those of you who don’t know she’s been dealing with some very weird recovery issues in her legs – and coaching like a champ anyway!) Additionally, Jim and Erin (that’s me!) are away today until very early Sunday morning for the American Open.  Sayra Lopez and Ryan Basa will both be representing CFCC’s Liberty Barbell Club at the National Level this weekend!  Be sure to follow Liberty Barbell’s Facebook Page to see more of what they’re up to!  We apologize for any inconvenience this schedule change causes you!

CFCC is rolling out a new schedule for our specialized classes starting NEXT WEEK! According to demand our schedule is ALWAYS subject to change but we do our best to offer what we hear you asking for, keeping in mind that there are 250 of you asking! All that said, if you have any questions about how to use the new schedule to reach your specific goals at CFCC, please let us know!

Stu spotting Eileen for the free-standing handstand in the Activation portion of Tuesday’s programming.

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball Shoulders – 3 minutes.  Barbell Assisted IR Mobilizations, 2 minutes/side.

ACTIVATION: Freestanding Handstand Practice (same as Tuesday) – 3 minutes of practice.

SKILL WORK: Single Leg Deadlift (use dumbbells or kettlebells but practice holding a weight in both arms).



3 Rounds for time of:

40 Steps of a Walking Lunge

10 Single Leg Deadlifts (one leg)

10 Single Leg Deadlifts (other leg)

600m Run (to market and back)


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