Thursday, 1/3/12

ROWING with Ave, at 7am.

ONE HOUR OLY, with Sammy, at 12pm.

CROGA, with Tim, at 530pm.

HYBRID/ADVANCED OLY, with Jim, 530-730pm.

RUNNING, with Ave, at 530pm.

GYMNASTICS, with Sammy, at 730pm.

ADVANCED OLY, with Jim, 730-930pm.

Sign up for Sammy’s upcoming Gymnastics Seminar.

Sign up for the Olympic Weightlifting Q&A this Saturday evening.

our first space

January 3rd, 2013 is a very special day in the life of CrossFit Center City. We are four years old!

January 3rd is in fact, the day that in 2009, we opened a crazy looking space (see the above VERY green room) to the public of Philadelphia, and hoped beyond hope that someone would feel the magic that we felt in 4 pull-up bar spaces, and 1000lbs. of sand.  To read more about the start of CFCC and to see what our first month of training EVER looked like, go here.

A little vintage CFCC for ya:

Ross, CFCC’s first member ever, in our first space ever, performs a few skin-the-cats on our 2-inch thick pull-up bar (and yes, EVERYONE had to use the 2-inch thick pull-up bar for pull-ups).

Ross Skinned a Cat! from Erin Davidson on Vimeo.


MOVEMENT PREP: 3 Rounds: 5 reps per side of a Bird-Dog, 10 Glute Bridges, 10 Hollow Rocks.  Spend 30 seconds or so in the German Hang with the floor as assistance.

SKILL WORK: Skin the Cat, 15 minutes.

STRENGTH: Single Leg Squat, take 15 minutes to practice using sets of 5.  Weight the Single Leg Squat where possible (keeping in mind that the weight should be held to the chest if you don’t want it to work as a counterbalance).


AMRAP in 12 minutes:

10 Single Leg Squats (5 per leg)

10 Toes to Bar

*If your hands are obliterated from yesterday’s WOD, feel free to sub V-ups for the Toes to Bar.  And if you haven’t read this article, read it!


And, more vintage CFCC - can you guess who that little pixie-cut blond gymnast is?

And, more vintage CFCC – can you guess who that little pixie-cut blond gymnast is?

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