Thursday, 2/24/11

Classes tomorrow are at 6a, 7a, 8a, 9a, noon, 430p, 530p, 630p with a 730p gymnastics class (see Programming below!)

Please don’t forget to bring your items in for Shana to screen print with the CFCC logo for $10 per item!

Boom. Carissa!

ACTIVATION: 5 minutes of pushup depth drops, sets of 2.

POWER: Push jerk x 2.

METCON: 3-6 rounds for Max reps (continue rounds until at least 35 total reps each or 6 rounds.  Lynne style):  Hspu, strict pronated pullup, unbroken double unders.  Terminate sets on FIRST slow rep.

Soooooo many awesome people went rx'd today on what was definitely not an easy metcon. Of note, the best rounds overall was at an rx'd weight of 135lbs. by Arrus. Jim was second behind him. In addition to that we also had a lot of members using 135/95 in a metcon for the first time! Kristin and Jeff at the 7am put out a huge effort. The 8am was an epic showdown (as always) and Chris's hang power cleaned landed an impressive 180 - ironically enough, just in front of Big Jim's 177. Meredith holds the top score for the ladies with 12 and 7 reps - not surprising with a hang power clean double of 155lbs. That's strong stuff. In the night classes Ezra and Fran both christened their first really heavy OLY wods and Stu, Meghan, and Eileen battled it out with those 95lb. cleans. Travis totally wins the award for most virtuous cleans of the during a metcon - with Kelsey coming in a close second.

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