Thursday, 3/17/11

Classes today are held at 6a, 7a, 8a, 9a, noon, 430p, 530p, and 630p.  There is also a Gymnastics Class at 730p.

If you are part of our Affiliate Team for Sectionals this is just a gentle reminder to prepare to get your rest on Friday night and make sure that you stay light and fast on Friday for the Sumo-Deadlift ( if you haven’t pulled on Wednesday night). It looks like some of the best folks posting scores so far are posting 8 rounds for the WOD of the week. If you have any questions about the workout please email as soon as possible.  There will be an alternate “recharge” workout posted for Friday that you can complete during the normally scheduled WOD if you’d like to train on Friday. Otherwise, we’ll see you all at 2pm on Saturday!

" S o n g " b y S e a m u s H e a n e y - A rowan like a lipsticked girl./ Between the by-road and the main road/ Alder trees at a wet and dripping distance/ Stand off among the rushes. / There are the mud-flowers of dialect /And the immortelles of perfect pitch /And that moment when the bird sings very close/ To the music of what happens.

Posture and Stability: Handstand Hold, 90s.

Strength: Single Arm Press, peak of 5 (use KBs or DBs as needed)

Metcon: 3 Rounds for time of: 50ft. Left Arm Kettlebell Waiter’s Walk (2/1.5), 50ft. Right Arm Kettlebell Waiter’s Walk, 30 Single Leg Squats.



cat camel
cat/wrist stretch
rocking hollows/arches x 10
arm/leg swings
inch worm pass x2
Kinesthetic Awareness:
forward/backward rolls
Muscle up progressions
AMRAP 10 min:
5 pullups
5 v-outs
15 squats

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  1. Jack says:

    this website is killin me! Drastically reducing my goof off time at work…

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