Thursday, 5/5/11

Anybody remember this fun time in the Racquetball court? :) You can learn to kip your handstand push-ups if you come to Gymnastics tonight at 730p!

SMR of the Day: Lax ball to upper traps, 2m each side.

MWoD: Barbell loaded t-spine extension, 1m.

Mobility Circuit: 3 rounds of 10 reps: Leg swings, hip swings, arm circles, arm swings, passthroughs, PVC overhead squats, PVC overhead reverse lunges.

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: “Overhead medley”

With a 25m time limit: Perform 1 press. Add 10lbs each set if your press is at least 145lbs, 5 lbs if less. Continue performing 1 rep until you are no longer able to add weight.

At this point…. Perform 1 push press. Add 10lbs each set if your push press and clean are both more than 50lbs over your last press, 5lbs each set if less. Continue performing 1 rep until you are no longer able to add weight.

At this point… Perform 1 split jerk or push jerk (split jerk will be coached but push jerk is acceptable). Add 5lbs each set and continue as long as you are able to add weight.

*Record your best press, best push press, and best push jerk completed within the 25m time limit.

**If you reach your top push jerk without performing at least 15 reps, work your way back down the ladder. Repeat the pyramid from the beginning if you still have less than 15 reps. Remember that all weights must be cleaned from the floor, and this may force you work your way back down if it limits your reps to less than 15.

For more of an idea on how this workout will work, check this document out.

[scribd id=54516602 key=key-1j3tabve64djps8utd4w mode=list]


GYMNASTICS (at 730p):

Kinesthetic awareness: headstand shoot up (Kipping handstand pushup)

Strength: Ring support (working towards iron cross)

Metcon: Tabata: headstand hold, ring support, pushups, knees-to-elbows

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  1. Rachel says:

    complicated wod!

  2. Drew says:

    great explanation! looking forward to it :)

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