Thursday, 6/16/11

Chandra, new to deadlifting and not yet aware that she should tuck her chin... is going to be VERY good at this lift. Berger (Adam) in the background shows off some serious virtuousity at the top of the burpee. Sammy, does yesterday's workout as prescribed.

Self Myofascial Release: Lax Ball to Quads, 2 minutes each side.
Mobility: Lat Pulls, 1 minute each side. Band Assisted Pec Stretch, 1 minute each side.
Dynamic Warm-up: 10-15 Reps of each: Cat Camels, Thoracic Mobs, Adductor Mobs, Spiderman Steps, Heel Pressdowns, Leg Swings, Hip Swings, Arm Swings
Activation: Vertical Jumps, 4 sets of 2.
Metabolic Conditioning: Row 1000m, 50 Burpees, 50 Box Jumps (24″ box), Run 800m, 50 Box Jumps (24″ box), 50 Burpees, Row 1000m

Heats will run 4 people at a time.  In the interest of time some athletes may begin and end with the run instead of the row and opt to row 1000m where others would run the 800m. The box jumps, as rx’d, are 24″ for both men and women. There is a 30 minute cap.

This is a version of a mainpage Hero workout called “Small.”


Self Myofascial Release: Thoracic Extensions of the biggest foam rollers ever, 5 minutes.
Dynamic Warm-up: 3 rounds of 8 each: Cat Camel, Thoracic Mobs, Adductor Mobs, Spiderman Steps, Air Squat
Skill Work: PVC Overhead Squat – The BOZ Warm-up.
Strength: Overhead Squat, work with triples at a set weight.
Metabolic Conditioning: Tabata Overhead Squat followed by Tabata Push-up.

The Overhead Squat should be scaled to allow for good form for at least 10 consecutive reps.

Deadlift/Burpee Scores.

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  1. sammaurelio says:

    everyone at lululemon is going to hate me for this.

  2. Anahi says:

    I am sad that missed this. Deadlifts in a metcon? Oh, yeah!

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