Thursday, 7/7/11

Want to learn to kip? Want to learn to do a handstand push-up? Want to feel exactly like a mermaid on land (Please see Sammy’s favorite, the plank walk)?  Come get Gymnasty at 730pm tonight!

Have you rsvp’d to Sammy’s Birthday Party / CFCC’s PROM??? You need to. If you’re a member, you’re invited. Go here.


Self-Myofascial Release: Lax Ball to Trigger Points around the knees while prone: test the quads, the adductors, the IT band.  10 minutes.

Dynamic Warm-up: 3 rounds: 10 Cat Camels, 10 seconds of Cat Stretching, 10 steps, Walking Lunge plus a twist (toward your front leg), 10 Jumping Lunges (10 switches)

Skill Work: The Split Jerk

Strength Work: Work up to a peak of 2 for the Split in 15 minutes. If this is the first or second time you’ve done the jerk find a heavyish weight to work with and complete 3 sets of 2 at that load.

Metcon: 100 Wallballs. Your score is your best set of unbroken wallballs. Yes, that means 100 Unbroken Wallballs wins no matter what and if you do 50 unbroken all you have to do is 50 any way you can do them.  There is no time component to this workout.

ON RAMP (held upstairs closer to the front of the room at 6pm and taught by Sammy).

Self-Myofascial Release: Lax Ball to Shoulders, 5 minutes.

Mobility: Band over the shoulder, hand behind the back, 2 minutes on each side.

Dynamic Warm-up: 3 rounds of: 10 seconds, wide grip supinated hang, 10s plank, 10s hold in the bottom of a good squat (use the pole if form is not so good!)

Strength: Pull-up (Pronated Grip), work up to a peak of 1. (Use only the front bar).

Metabolic Conditioning: Tabata Pull-ups, Tabata Push-ups, Tabata Squats. No rest over 10 seconds in between each Tabata!

GYMNASTICS (at 730pm with Sammy) – held closer to the front of the room to make room for the O-Lifters in the back.

Kinesthetic Awareness: 10 min kipping skill work
Strength/Skill: Handstand Push-up
Metcon: For Time:
10 Handstand pushups
20 ft plank walk
8 handstand pushups
20 ft plank walk
6 handstand pushups
20 ft plank walk
4 handstand pushups
20 ft plank walk

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  1. jpap says:

    my legs still hurt from murph. this isn’t helping.

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