Thursday, 9/20/12

BCCC Q&A at 630pm, in the Lounge.  All members of the gym are invited!

CROSSFIT ENDURANCE, (Rowing) with Liz, at 530pm.

if you had no idea what you were doing while rowing yesterday – Rowing Class is FOR YOU!

FOUNDATIONS, with Liz, at 630pm.

HYBRID/ADVANCED OLY with Jim, 530-730pm.

ADVANCED OLY with Jim, 730-930pm.

CROGA, with Tim, 830pm. (our new schedule will roll out next week!)



SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball Feet, Lower Legs, Glutes, and Hamstrings, 5 minutes.

DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Review the drills for the squat clean.

SKILL WORK: Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes: 1 Squat Clean.  Begin at a load that is at least half of your clean max and work up as you are able.  You may go up in weight as long as you are not failing the lift.  If you fail a lift you must back down to the weight you used in the previous set.  If you are feeling entirely unstable and are very new to the lift, take NO shame in simply completing this as a drill with PVC!  Form matters SO much more than load here.

STRENGTH: Supinated Pull-up, work up to a peak of 1.

METABOLIC CONDITIONING: For time: 100 Pull-ups – may be kipped, may be scaled by difficulty only (go to ring rows if you are using MORE than just an Average band for reps!)

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