Tim Heckman

Tim comes to us with a wide background of experience with athletics and CrossFit. We love him for his board short collection, eclectic Yoga mix, luscious beard and Oly hip power. We also really love that he prefers to cue most athletes by way of food analogies (we’re not kidding, just wait for it).

He’s a committed athlete and a studious Coach. As one of Tim’s first Coaches in CrossFit at CrossFit Tribe I (Erin) can vouch for his long-held interest in the sport and the energy he brings to a room when he trains along with our members.  His positivity and drive to constantly be better today than yesterday are infectious.

Tim is an avid learner (in spite of surfer dude speak) and a dedicated Coach. We expect great things from the “Heck Man” in the years to come at CFCC.

What is your athletic/professional background? I have a degree in Health and Exercise Science.  I’ve worked in college recreation and medical integrated facilities prior to CFCC.  As of 2015, I have 5 plus years of experience.

List any notable athletic achievements: Regionals 2014, 3rd place at a Hybrid Strongman competition in 2012.

What are your goals as a Coach. Where do you feel your strengths lie? My goal is to build better athletes everyday through quality coaching.

What is CrossFit to you (or weightlifting)? CrossFit makes me harder to kill.

What is your most memorable CrossFit/weightlifting moment? Training in the basement of our old space was always memorable.

What are your goals as an athlete? Be better at gymnastics

What are your hobbies outside of training? Surfing, Painting, Nature

What is your favorite Philly restaurant? Mercato.


  • BA in Exercise Science with a specialization in Health Promotion and Fitness Management
  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Football Certification
  • Freestyle Connection Seminar Attendee
  • YogaFit Level 1
  • Cancer Exercise Specialist
  • pending CSCS

Tim currently coaches:

CrossFit, Strongman,

Personal Training with Tim:
$75/hour – please inquire about availability by emailing info@crossfitcc.com.

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