TUESDAY, 8/2/11

ON RAMP members will be combined with the regular class tonight at 630pm. We’ll follow this format in my absence so if you have friends that are interested in checking out CrossFit let ’em know that Saturday at 11am is the day to do it. After attending that class they should be able to move in to the regular class without too much trouble – at least until August 15th!

Sometimes you've got to do whatever it takes to get your body to do what your mind doesn't really want to think about. Pictured, Abbey learns to not crane her neck (hyperextend her c-spine) by holding a ball underneath her chin. It's not the most graceful cue, but it sure works!

Mastering the Deadlift, from Eric Cressey.

Age is simply not an excuse.  Check out what the Master’s Level athletes were up to this weekend at the CrossFit Games.

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball to Glutes, 2 minutes. Lax Ball to IT Bands, 2 minutes. Lax Ball to Quads, 2 minutes.
MOBILITY: Band Assisted Wall Quad Stretch, 1 minute each side.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: 1 round of 60ft. each: prisoner lunge, inchworm, over the fence,/under the fence, high knees, butt kicks, skipping for length, skipping for height

GYMNASTICS, at 730pm with Sammy:
Warmup: Partner stretches

Skills: Handstand Walking & Pistols

Metcon: 5 Rounds for time:

20ft handstand walk

20ft single leg hop pass e. leg

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