Tuesday, 9/13/11

Please note there there will be NO classes this coming Saturday for the Balanced Bites Seminar (9a-4pmish).  If you’re still on the fence about whether or not you should be attending – stop that!  Sign up here to have the chance to get your Fall started off right!  We’ll be running our next Nutrition Challenge at the beginning of October and everything and anything you’ll need to know about the right moves for 30 days will be covered at this Seminar.  PLUS, one lucky attendee will win a FREE month of CFCC!

Are you having trouble maintaining some consistency in your attendance at CFCC? Here are some words from one of our own from a WHILE back: Jonah’s musings on consistency – here’s an excerpt:

“There’s almost always a way to make myself get to the gym, and there’s also always an excuse not to go. The challenge is killing the excuses and just GETTING THERE. The great thing about Crossfit is that I never regret going. Once I’m there and I see all the familiar faces, and I push myself to complete the WOD, I ALWAYS feel better. I’m writing this here so that I can remind myself of how it feels when I push through that wall. I’ve learned this from Crossfit and from all of the amazing people that I have the privilege of working out with: The most important thing is to keep moving. Once you master that, “can’t” becomes “can” and walls are just stepping stones to becoming stronger.”

Curious about whether ring dips, etc. will maim your shoulders this cycle?  Let’s begin with something you guys spend a DECENT amount of time doing: SLEEPING!


SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Anything you can do (including asking a friend to massage your traps) for 5 minutes to loosen up you shoulders.  Use the theracane, use the lax ball, foam roll your upper back.
MOBILITY: Band Assisted Hand Behind the Back Stretch, 1 minute each side.
STRENGTH: Ring Dip, peak set of 5.
METABOLIC CONDITIONING: 6 rounds for time of: 6 Ring Dips, 6 Handstand Push-ups (if no HSPU, 30 second Handstand Hold will be subbed)

ON RAMP with Erin at 6pm:

SELF MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Foam Roll Upper Back, 2 minutes.
MOBILITY: Barbell-Assisted Thoracic Mobilization, 1 minute. Wall Assisted 90/90, 1 minute.  Wall Assisted Quad Stretch, 1 minute each side.
POSTURE AND STABILITY: Overhead Squat, the Boz Warm-up
SKILL WORK: The Wallball
METABOLIC CONDITIONING: 5 rounds of as many reps as possible: 1 minute Wallball, 1 minute L-Raises.

GYMNASTICS with Sammy at 730pm:

Skill: Iron cross + Front lever(rings)
Metcon: 12-8-4 reps for form:
front levers (scale w/band)
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