Wednesday, 10/10/12

RUNNING with Ave at 7am.

ONE HOUR OLY with Sammy at 12pm, 6pm, 7pm, 8pm.

ROWING with Ave at 530pm.

Today’s lift (the conventional deadlift) is one of the ones we’ll be featuring in the CrossFit Total.  This is a day when you spend an hour and a half maxing three lifts: your deadlift, back squat, and press.  You get THREE chances at a max in each of these lifts.  They will be the hardest 9 reps you have ever completed.  The combination of your highest number in each lift is your “CrossFit Total”.  We’ll have a professional photographer, costumes DURING lifting, Sweet Lucy’s Smokehouse food after all the lifting is complete, and LOTS of fun – don’t miss out!  Sign up today!

Remember that day the workout was… PUSHING A CAR? Sometimes the simplest stuff is the BEST work. This is the LAST week of the BCCC – do yourself a favor, KEEP IT SIMPLE!

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Lax Ball Glutes, Lower Leg, Feet, 5 minutes.

DYNAMIC WARM-UP: For about a minute, cat camel… then if you are first to the row, row 300m – if you are not rowing then complete hip swings and leg swings.  If you are first to the row – get off the erg and complete hip swings and leg swings until everyone is through with rowing.

ACTIVATION: Broad Jump, 5 attempts at a peak.  Record your attempt on our Broad Jump sheets!

STRENGTH: Deadlift – BASED entirely on your Broad Jump, and will be for the REST of the cycle until PEAK WEEK.

  • If you jump ANYWHERE ABOVE your best Broad Jump – you will complete 6-8 singles at 90% of your best Deadlift (of course, lesson the percentage with any loss of speed right at 90%).
  • If you jump between 95-100% of your best Broad Jump – you will attempt to complete 4-6 sets of triples with 85% of your best Deadlift (of course, lesson the percentage with any loss of speed right at 85%).
  • If you jump less than 95%, you will complete 3-4 sets of 5 with 75% of your best Deadlift – (of course, lesson the percentage with any loss of speed right at 75%).
  • *If your bodyweight is fluctuating a lot this will affect your broad jump.  Be mindful of it and feel free to use the scale for more control in this little “experiment” – especially all of you BCCCers!
  • If for any reason you peak ABOVE your best Broad Jump two weeks in a row, AND you complete 8 singles at 90% of your best Deadlift, you will raise the percentage you complete for singles to 92%.
  • Calculators will be provided and we will most likely be doing this for two more cycles – it’ll get easier as we all get used to it!
  • We’ll use your progress in Peak Week to see how this is working for everyone.  We’re excited to see how it goes! The CrossFit Total is October 21st – if you haven’t signed up for a time slot yet you definitely should!  For more details on what the CrossFit Total is, check out this video!


Do you want to be better?  Start with your foundation… YOUR FEET.  Below, Brian McKenzie of CrossFit Endurance and Kelly Starrett of Mobility WOD discuss how to begin rebuilding.  And, as Dan John, one of my favorite strength coaches says, “If it’s important, do it every day.”

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