Wednesday, 2/20/13

GYMNASTICS with Sammy, at 8am and 730pm.

INTRO to OLY with Sammy at 12pm, 430pm, 530pm, and 630pm.

CROGA, with Tim, at 530pm.

SHOULDER LOVE, with Erin, at 530pm.

STRONGMAN, with Tim, at 630pm.

SQUATTING ONLY, with Tim, at 730pm.

Below: did you know that yesterday Laura (left) got her first deadhang pull-up during the strength portion of the workout? AND that Kristen (to her right) got two of the same in a row???  Doing things you never thought you could do is the NORM here at CFCC – keep up the great work, friends!



MOVEMENT PREP: Barbell to Feet and Calves, Barbell to Traps, 8 minutes. Spiderman Walk, 30 feet. Inchworm, 30 feet.  Duck Walk, 30 feet.

STRENGTH: Overhead Squat, up to a peak of 2.


Row for as many meters as possible in 3  minutes then, after 1 minute of rest, go directly into Tabata Front Squats (pick your load from the following: 225, 155, 123, 93, 63, 33).  Take your Front Squat from the rack!

4 Things to do to get EXTRA ready for the WOD today, or any time you do Olympic Lifting:

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