WEDNESDAY, 4/27/11

We are in our last week of the CrossFit Games Sectionals! If you are competing, please take note that the two assigned times that the gym will be available for you to do WOD 6 in will be tonight, at 730pm with Greg and Saturday, at 10am (WHOA DIFFERENT!) with Greg.

I just want to say that I remember when this girl couldn't lift a 65lb. bar off the floor. GO JEN aaaaand you all are so impressive. More pics to come!

Self Myo-fascial Release of the day: 10 minutes of foam rolling, lax balling, stick-using, or anything else you can think of that YOU will feel like works for you.  Also, take some time to try out the theracane. Check out 415 and forward in this vid.

Warm-up: 3 Rounds of: 30 seconds in the band assisted overhead position stretch (each arm), 5 easy pull-ups, 5 inverted push-ups, 10 (5 each way) over the fence, under the fence, 30 seconds in the gastroc stretch (each foot).

Mobility WOD of the Day: 90/90 off the box. 1 minute per side (ONLY do this if you’re early, or after you finish the metcon).

WORKOUT OF THE DAY:¬†Grace”, Clean and Jerk (135/95), 30 reps for time.

2 Responses to “WEDNESDAY, 4/27/11”
  1. Ethan Schofer says:

    My clean form sucks, but 5:31 at 95 lbs. I tried at 135 but no good. I reset the bar and started over.

    • Hmmm – that could be easily remedied, Ethan :)

      But good on ya for getting it done. Honestly, in my head, it’s hard to have the same form with iron. Dropping form overhead is soooooo much easier on the body.

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