As is our tradition, the CFCC STAFF is thankful for the following things:

DANNY, Coach: I’m thankful for having the opportunity to do something that I love for a living. I’m also thankful for everything our members have taught me over the past year and a half. And Maddox.

CHRIS, Coach: One thing I am thankful for at CFCC is to be constantly surrounded by amazing like-minded people who inspire me every to always be better and never forget to always be happy as well.

GREG, Coach: I’m thankful to be coaching again.

TIM, Coach: I’m thankful for our members, and the community that our place creates on a daily basis.

RECORD, Coach: What’s not to be thankful for at CFCC?

AVENER, Coach: I am thankful for the opportunity to do a job that I love every day, and to do it in a place that encourages me to constantly learn more and explore and grow my passions and bring them back to the gym whenever possible.

PAUL, Coach: I’m most thankful for the platform and community that’s been created at CFCC which has helped support me through my injury, keeping me on track to come back healthier and fitter than previously. Being around the crew here has helped push me in other ways besides just focusing on my fitness as well.

ZODA, Assistant OLY Coach: I am thankful for being surrounded by an amazing coaching staff and member base. I’m thankful to be able to train and compete in a sport that not many people have the opportunity or access to in an incredible atmosphere.

BASA, Assistant OLY Coach: I’m thankful for the friends and relationships I’ve been able to make. More recently, I’m thankful for being given the opportunity to train, coach, and work with some awesome people. I know that after a tough day at school, I can still get excited about going to LBC/CFCC. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

MORGAN, Coach and Membership Coordinator: I am incredibly thankful to be part of a hand-picked staff that is as invested in bettering themselves as they are in bettering our members.


CAIT DAY, Coach Apprentice: I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from and with some of the most genuine people I’ve ever met. I’m thankful for a community that “gets it” :).

SHANA MCCARRON, Coach Apprentice: Thankful for family – OB (my husband officially 1 year ago today), Florence and Chumpie – always supportive, always challenging, sometimes annoying. My CFCC family – also always supportive, often challenging, sometimes annoying. Coffee, Dark chocolate. Not necessarily in that order.

JORDAN, Membership Coordinator Assistant: This Thanksgiving in particular I am thankful for CFCC. This place is a huge part of the reason I didn;’t just pack up and move on out after finishing grad school in the spring, and now I”m lucky enough to get to be here EVEN MORE. Having a job where I have so much fun that I have trouble getting myself to leave at night makes me the happiest human. Happiest. Human.

JOSH, Cleaner and Fixer of all the Things: For my sister being patient with me.

MEGHAN, Director of A LOT of THINGS: For a work family that makes me laugh every day and teaches me new things all the time. For getting to surround myself with people that accept my flaws but push me to be better. For being inspired every day in the smallest ways by everyone around me. Also for Maddox, even when he begs. ;) And for when Erin sings Christmas songs.

PERRIN BEHR, Coach: I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of a community of passionate coaches and athletes who are committed to devoting their lives to health and fitness.

*Aaaaaand I am thankful for CFCC’s newest member of the team!  Perrin Behr is joining CFCC’s team in full force in January but will begin by assisting with our Competitor’s Program and the newly minted Accelerate Program in December. You’ll be hearing more about Perrin as we enter December but here’s a little bit about her before we get there:

Perrin Lee Behr may, or may not be my long lost sister. She has (actually) competed at the Individual and Team Divisions of the Regional Level of the CrossFit Games. She has dedicated almost 2 years of time to being in a leadership position as a CrossFit Coach, and has also completed a number of different certifications which have added to her level of expertise as a Coach: OPT CCP Level 1 Associate Coach (in progress), CrossFit Level I Trainer, CrossFit Olympic Lifting, CrossFit Goal Setting with Greg Amundson,  Naka Athletics Freestyle Connection Gymnastics Movement Seminar with Carl Paoli, Hybrid Athletics Strongman Seminar with Rob Orlando, Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching Workshop, and the Shop Chasing Pain: Moving Beyond Mobility Workshop held at CFCC this Fall. She also likes coffee, chocolate and her dog Kylie.  To learn more about her as an athlete, check out this video from CrossFit.com!

ERIN, Coach: This is officially our 5th Thanksgiving together as a community and as a force for being better everyday in the city of Philadelphia. I can hardly believe that starting this January, CFCC will officially enter its 6th year of business. I can hardly believe all that we have all learned, the amazing new people and new skills we have all acquired, and that all of this has happened in the frame of so little time. I am so proud of the leaps and bounds the staff at CFCC has made; each and every member of this team has grown as an athlete, as a person, and as a specialist in human health and movement. I feel incredibly blessed to be privy to the accomplishments of so many earnest people. Every day of my life is an opportunity to feel myself a part of a movement toward creating a force for making lives better – I am grateful for each and every moment, and hopeful for the year to come!



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