What’s the deal with the Nutrition-ey Challenge Stuff?

Four members of the last CFCC BCCC show off their food logs!

Here’s what you need to know about how CFCC is helping YOU to move into 2012 at your best:

This Wednesday (that’s right, today) there’s a Nutrition Seminar happening INSTEAD of classes at 630pm.  Why are we doing this INSTEAD of classes?  Because what you eat affects your mood, your body composition (whether you want to be leaner, or whether you want to gain muscle mass), and both of these things affect whether or not you will show up to class and how you will perform when you get there!  YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

We want you to be at your best and that means giving you the whole picture of what optimal health and performance is like – and that’s not just training!  Remember, you can’t out-train a bad diet and we’re not about lying to the people we like most in Philadelphia!

What specifically are we going to talk about?

A quick recap of my personal experience with Paleo/Primal eating.

– what I know from experience

– what I will definitely NOT be assuming I know in today’s time.

– people who know more than me :)

Goal Setting: what does Nutrition have to do with training and health?

A comparison between what I eat (Paleo/Primal) vs. what is recommended for me by Conventional Wisdom.

– Insulin Regulation and what it has to do with Body Composition.

– Label Reading and WHAT FOOD IS MADE OF

Common Concerns about the Paleo Diet and a brief review of the phases CFCC has had with this:

Fat intake – fact vs. fiction

Cholesterol and Heart Disease – do I get both if I eat seafood???

Grains, Potatoes, Nuts, and Legumes – are they really the devil?

Is Dairy really scary?

So how do you know if any of these things are affecting you or not?

– What digestion is really supposed to be like – and what it’s not.

– How the phases of BCCC (CFCC’s Body Change Composition Challenge) work for most.

How to eat real, whole, food. :)

– for health, for fat loss, for mass gain, for optimal recovery.

– three go-to paleo meals —> EMERGENCY PROTEIN!

The Take-Home Pyramid.

Open Question and Answer Time.

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