What’s the plan now that the total is 2 weeks away?

Everything works, but only for so long.  – Dan John



Believe it or not, the programming we do is almost never random.  CrossFit is about measurable results and some of the most important results we can create in our members are raw increases in strength.  This increase in strength has the best transfer to life, your sports, your body composition, and even your mood levels!

This past week the volume of reps (metcons were short) and even the intensity (how heavy you went relative to your max) was kept low. The purpose of this is to prime you for the day of the CrossFit Total. If you’d like to know more about how this process works, check out this interview with a few experienced power lifters on how to prepare as a rookie (that’s all of us!) for a powerlifting meet (a lot like a CrossFit Total).

The goal for the week before the week of the total is to give you the chance to still perform your lifts with good accuracy and speed, without fatiguing you so much that you end up peaking your performance before Saturday, January 21st. You simply want your body to remember how to move aggressively – but without taxing your system. What does this mean exactly? Speed is king.

A slow lift will fatigue you but a fast lift executed properly will prepare you. To get the most out of CrossFit Total day, make this your goal in the next two weeks. Stay fast. Stay mobile. Get good rest.  And stay relatively light, but keep training!

The metcons in this week will be intense, because most of them will be benchmarks, but my intention is to have you beat your old times, not kill yourself over attempting everything rx’d so time caps will be in place. If you’re looking to fully optimize your recovery for the Total, try not to attend sessions where metcons take over 10 minutes, OR alternatively, simply cap your time for metcons at 10 minutes for the next two weeks. Of course, if optimizing the Total is not your goal, don’t sweat it.

After the Total a new cycle will be introduced, because, as quoted above, “Everything works, but only for so long.” – until then, finish this cycle out as strong as you can. You won’t regret it later!

Train hard. Have fun! And get excited – a new cycle of lifts is coming – in the meantime – sign up for the Total to set your benchmark!

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