WINNERS of the CFCC BCCC c. 6.19.12

Pictures and interviews by the winners coming soon! :)

This was our biggest BCCC yet with 50 members entering… and we are overwhelmed by the changes and commitments you have all made. That said, we never feel like we are able to do this enough.

For those who don’t know, the CFCC BCCC is an opportunity for every member of CFCC to perform a simple experiment in accountability:

1. Create a goal: performance, fat loss, mass gain, or anything… the only thing that matters is that it’s something YOU want.

2. Create a plan: Ask someone who might have more experience than you with nutrition and goal-setting what they think might be crucial in getting you there.

3. Use a Commitment Device: Accept the accountability of a food log and 4 meetings where-in you get to check-in and objectively examine your own actions and come up with some solutions for “doing better next time”.

4. Record your before. Record your after.  Do good science.  Collect accurate data.  Tell the truth.  Don’t freak out if you eat a muffin.

5. Examine your results and see what works and what doesn’t.  Often, learn that something very simple makes a huge difference.

6. If you make the largest change, both visually, numerically, and in habits – we award you with PRIZES and also pretty awesome results.

The option to get all of the above even when we are not during the BCCC is being worked out in our scheduling system right now.  You will have the ability to simply “check-in” by scheduling a meeting to weigh, measure, talk about nutrient timing, etc.  But you will also have the ability to start and finish a Body Change Composition Challenge on your own at any time of the year.  Stay tuned for more definitive options!



1st Place:  Shana McCarron – wins $200 to Lululemon.

2nd Place: Chrissy – wins $100 to Lululemon.


1st Place: Mike Thomas – wins $200 to Lululemon.

2nd Place: Carson Campbell – wins $100 to Lululemon.


1st Place: Ramsey Beyer – wins a BCCC package of foods and books.

2nd Place: Jan Lee – wins a BCCC package of foods and books.


1st Place: Conrad Grajczak – wins a crockpot

2nd Place: Eileen Horgan – wins a crockpot


The Willy Wonka Award – Jen Borck Hadley, for aggressively attacking the sugar addiction monster, win a PaleoKit gift basket.

The 180 Award – Mike Barba, for starting out with soda(s) and ending with hint water, win a PaleoKit gift basket.

3 Responses to “WINNERS of the CFCC BCCC c. 6.19.12”
  1. Congratulations everybody! Way to stick with it.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Just wondering – will there be another BCCC starting up soon?

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