Winners of the CFCC BCCC October 2011!

Each winner of the challenge receives a $100 gift certificate to Lululemon and a signed copy of “Make it Paleo”, an excellent cookbook expertly composed by Bill and Hayley of The Food Lover’s Primal Palate.

For everyone who didn’t win this round… I have to say that judging this challenge was VERY tough.  I loved meeting with each of you and seeing how much you were all changing.  Each one of you made tremendous progress both outwardly and inwardly and I was so proud to have a part in all that you were learning. In my mind, altering habits is actually a lot easier than DECIDING to – if you MADE that decision this time around, you’ve already done more work than most.  Congratulate yourself on a job exceptionally done.

Winner #1: Rizzo

I am SERIOUSLY impressed with the progress Rizzo has made over just 30 days.  Her picture really says it all but to give you a full idea of all the changes her body has gone through… she’s lost over 10lbs. of bodyweight, over an inch around her waist and an inch around her hips, and almost an inch around her arms.  She did all this while still sipping on a few Margaritas at El Vez.  She’s been in the gym as consistently as possible, is now one of Sammy’s star handstand walking 6amers and is still pretty relaxed about the entire affair of looking INCREDIBLY DIFFERENT. 

Here’s what she had to say in response to some questions I asked her about the challenge:

1. What one thing do you think you are taking away from this CFCC BCCC?

The impact that gluten had on my overall health.  The amazing coincidence of the timing of this challenge was that it enabled my doctors to finally figure out that I was gluten-sensitive.  After months of them not being able to figure out what was causing some of the eczema-like symptoms I had, knocking out gluten made them all disappear, almost overnight.  Completely crazy.

2. What did you like about this challenge?

I liked that it was progressive, it never seemed overwhelming from week to week and that it was completely scalable…from me, being totally new to paleo, to other members who were more seasoned in it, all of us were able to fine-tune our experiences to see real results and changes in our bodies and in our strength.  It’s made me very attuned to viewing food more as fuel…and it introduced me to some great new recipe websites (I am currently in love with Everyday Paleo.)

Winner #2: Daffy

Daffy definitely wins the award for MOST ILLUSTRIOUS FOOD LOG EVER.  David decided to become a part of this CFCC Challenge in light of  his lack-luster (his words) performance in the last one.  His commitment to simple consistency and compliance is admirable, worthy of imitation, and probably gonna get him some hot dates. ;)  In 30 days, he saw a total weight loss of 7lbs., a 2 1/2 inch difference in the size of his waistline (WHAT?!?!), and the size of his biceps when flexed stay the same, while at rest, shrink about an inch – that, friends, spells out a MUCH better fat:muscle ratio. 

Besides being incredibly consistent in the kitchen, Daffy was also committed to the CFCC; in the last month, as many will attest, his performance has accelerated.  His “Elizabeth” performance was brought to you in part by a man bent on fulfilling his potential.  His cleans are stronger, his muscle-ups exist, and he is putting up some rx’d (as prescribed) performances that will have to be reckoned with.  The best news though, is that he’s not done yet. :)

Here’s what he had to say about his progress: “I’m leaner, stronger, faster, healthier, and happier than I was before CFCC and look forward towards evolving further in the future.”

Winner #3: Jordan (YES, a THIRD – this challenge was JUST that amazing!)

My favorite thing about Jordan’s changes throughout the challenge would probably be best told by seeing a before and after of her food log MORE than seeing her pictures.  Jordan is a vegetarian (by principle) and with an open mind gradually began to adjust to different manners of eating (no meat eating, but a LOT less sugar).  She’s also a student, which at times can make life, sleep, hours, and cooking very interesting.  She did an excellent job of applying herself to the best of her abilities regardless of slip-ups and poor choices along the way. 

Jordan approached every suggestion I gave her with a positive spirit and I think it is that easy-going nature that eventually led her to successfully lose 8lbs., 1 1/2 inches around her waist, an inch around her hips, and even a little of the size around her arms.  She looks completely different to me… but I also know that she FEELS different and has a much better understanding of how to manage her needs as a CrossFit “minority”. 

Our next challenge will be in January – if you haven’t experienced the progress you were looking for this time around, or if you’re simply looking for a way to accelerate your CF progress, you can always take part in a 30 day challenge with my help for $100 at any time.  During the challenges the cost is $50 and always includes 4 1/2 hour meetings with me (Erin), recipe and food plan help, macronutrient breakdowns and explanations of the “why” behind most challenges, and of course, measurements before and after the 30 days.  Email if you’re interested in some REALLY big changes!


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  3. Jack says:

    Nice work everyone…congrats!

  4. Sean B says:

    congrats to all you guys, this encourages me to quit being a lazy *&^% and get on the ball. I see Daffy working hard in the gym everyday and it shows in the pics and in the workouts, keep up the good work everyone.

  5. Anna says:

    Great work guys. Way to do us proud.

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