Workout of the Day, 2.22.13

Dwyer, mid kip during the toes to bar.

Dwyer, mid kip during the toes to bar.


MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Upper Traps on Floor in Glute Bridge, 2 minutes per side (trigger point, but also move arm around). Then, Cat Camel – 5 reps, Adductor Mobs – 5 per side. Yoga Push-ups, 5 reps.  Glute Bridge plus Overhead Reach, 5 per side.

SKILL WORK #1: Review the Double Under, plus about 5 minutes of practice.  If you are pretty good at Double Unders (50 consecutive, etc.) try a Triple Under.

SKILL WORK #2: Review “Shoulder to Overhead” via the Push Press.


Two rounds for time of:
100 Double-unders
95/65 pound barbell, Shoulder to overhead, 50 reps
25 Toes to bar

*20 minute cap.

*If you do not have Double Unders, you will incur a 2 minute penalty at the start of the WOD, and the second time around where you must attempt to get as many as you can, then you may complete 100 Singles and move on. 

*Scale the Shoulder Press as needed. 

*If you cannot Toes to Bar, Knee Tucks may be used. 

POSTURAL RESTORATION: If time permits, Lax Ball Feet, 2 minutes per side.
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