Workout of the Day, 2/16/13

Adrian Aguirre is entering the ring for his first MMA fight this weekend (TODAY – SATURDAY!).  If you want to hitch a ride to watch or if you just want to check it out for yourself – go to the event page here. We’re super proud of all his hard work as of late and can’t wait to see him in his element!

PULL-UP STRENGTH SEMINAR, 9-1030am – you must sign-up on MINDBODY to attend.
INTRO TO OLY, with Jim, at 9am, and with Erin, at 12pm.
HYBRID/ADVANCED OLY with Jim, 10-12pm. with Erin, 2-4pm.
BRING A FRIEND WOD, with Erin, at 11am.
SQUATTING ONLY with Chris at 11am.
CONDITIONING ONLY with Chris at 11am.

Congratulations to ALL the incredible BCCC participants that came out to celebrate their success last night with some fun times, good drinks, meat, and paleo-fied girl scout cookies (mop up the drool on your keyboard now).  We’re so proud of all of your work, and so happy for all your amazing results!  As per usual, while we expected to see LOTS of changes, some of you have simply shocked us – it’s simply extraordinary what a little discipline and some REAL FOOD can do.  Expect to hear about the winners early next week!


BRING A FRIEND, with Erin, at 11am.

Remember, during the month of the CrossFit Open (<—go there to sign up for our team!) we will NOT be holding these sessions on weekends.  We will start up again in the Spring!

MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball all the Things! 15 minutes of how to, and why :)
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: Team Relays – carry any number of objects across the line before the next team to win! 15 minutes.
SKILL WORK: The Air Squat
With a partner, For 10 minutes, every minute on the minute:
While one partner completes the weighted plank, one partner air squats. Your score is how many air squats you are able to complete. One partner must be planking in order for another to air squat (you must cease in the middle of your squat or switch plankers if your partner fails the plank). Both partners must rest for the last 15 seconds of every minute.

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