Workout of the Day, 3.11.13

BEACH SEASON, with Chris and Record, at 11am.

SQUATTING with Cassie, at 11am.

STRONGMAN with Tim, at 11am.

CROGA with Tim, at 12pm.

HYBRID/ADVANCED OLY with Erin from 12-2pm and 2-4pm.

THE BENCHMARK WOD, with Cassie and Record, at 1pm.

FOUNDATIONS, with Tim, at 1pm.

Today our very own Ian Clement and Coach Jim Rutter will be competing at the National Master’s Weightlifting Meet in Moorestown, NJ.  Ian will compete at 9am and Jim at 2pm.  We couldn’t be more proud of their participation!  Let’s go, gents!

Also if you are interested, don’t forget, Coach John Broz is coming to CFCC this Monday and Wednesday and evening and there are still a few spots available!  Grab them while you can!  Registration closes soon.

A number of really awesome Liberty Barbell Clubbers were a part of making this incredible change in the Oly Area happen today (Jen Darley, Meghan Ramos, Brandi Mae, Arrus Farmer, Cassie Haynes, Emily Avener, Meredith Lowe) – so, in an effort to keep things clean and organized here are the new, and SIMPLE rules about the back room (the room formerly known as “Jim’s nap room”).

1. You may only have a cubby if you are in the Hybrid or Advanced Liberty Barbell Club Program.

2. One cubby per one athlete.

3. If you’re stuff is ANYWHERE else except in this cubby I will pretty much trash it every single night I can.  No hard feelings, we just had newspaper on top of one of the old cubbies from May of 2012.  I don’t want to think about how old some of the ace bandages were.

4. The push brooms stay here, that is how they will keep cleaning up and not get knocked around by barbells.

5. All of the stuff not in the cubby pictured the corner is going to get thrown away (OLY SHOES!!! BELT!) within one week, because it didn’t have a cubby home.  If you know who’s it is OR if it is yours, claim it otherwise, it goes.  NO EXCEPTIONS… except for the puppy who is mine.



MOVEMENT PREP: Coach’s Choice, 10-15 minutes.

SKILL WORK: Review and practice proper overhead positioning for the American Kettlebell Swing.  Practice moving at a heavier load for priming purposes for the metcon and also for general comfort with a load that you may not often get to use.



3 Rounds for time of:

400m Run
21 American Kettlebell Swings (2/1.5)
12 Pull-ups


Wall Assisted Straddle – accumulate 2 whole minutes.

Wall Assisted Glute Stretch – accumulate 2 minutes on each side.

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