Workout of the Day, 3.15.13

The below: just another box jump of the many, many EPIC ones that Mike did yesterday during 13.2 – why are they EPIC?  Because Mike started out at CFCC pretty wary of the 20 inch box, opted NOT to jump on the box during a time when his family needed him to be 100% walking up and down stairs, and skinned his shin during the Neural Recharge from last week – and THIS week, he did 60 box jumps on the 24 inch box.  Boom.



MOVEMENT PREP: Barbell to Feet (and Calves), 5 minutes. Lax Ball Shoulders, 2 minutes per side. 1 round of 30ft. inchworm, 60ft. hands overhead walking lunge plus twist toward front knee. Set up for the Single Leg Squat (review the movement if you’ve never done it before – we are doing this in PLACE of deadlift work today due to the Open WOD).

SKILL WORK: The Ring Dip. Practice holding the ring support (plus turnout) and the bottom position of the ring dip.

STRENGTH: Weighted Ring Dip, perform at least 6 sets of 3 and record your heaviest set.


AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

12/6* Ring Push-ups

12 Single Leg Squats (6 per leg)

*12 Ring Push-ups for men, 6 Ring Push-ups for women.  Women may opt to do 12 Push-ups if they would like.  Alternatively, if anyone feels better off the rings you may complete regular push-ups.

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