Workout of the Day, 3.21.13

Some CFCC ladies just prior to the announcement of 13.3.



Rules that you must be familiar with especially if you are on our Games Team!

Some advice for competitive athletes:

First off, let me say that even if you can’t do muscle-ups, you can still attempt to do your best on this WOD and your time will count.  They are doing “Special Tiebreaks” again so that if you end up finishing your wallballs at some ridiculous time, or your double unders sooner than someone else, it will actually place you above others. Therefore, if you can’t do the muscle-ups, don’t fret, trying as hard as you can still counts!

Secondly, if you do have muscle-ups and are fairly certain that you can do well on this WOD, I’d HIGHLY encourage you (I’m looking at your ADVANCED and JV TEAM!) to come in on the weekend when you will be able to get a better idea of what to aim for, AND exactly what time you should expect to finish the wallballs and double unders in.  I can provide you with specialized programming for prepping for this time – but this will NOT be a workout that you can attempt twice.  It’s just NOT going to make sense to do so. 

Therefore, if tomorrow is not the ONLY day you have to complete the WOD, I’d highly recommend coming in at another point during the session times we’ve provided.  Please email me ( if you have any questions about this!

MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball and Foam Roll as needed, for 8 minutes.  Try to pay special attention to your squatting position (so, between lax balling, etc. stand up and sit in your air squat to see how it feels).  Then complete 4 rounds of: Cat Camel (3 reps), Yoga Push-up (3 reps), Spiderman to Stand plus Overhead Reach (1 rep on each side), Duck Walk (3 steps forward, 3 steps back), Jump Squat (3 reps).

ALTERNATE WOD: Row 5 x 500m – record your time for each interval.  Rest the same time that you work. If you wish to complete this WOD instead of the Games WOD, just ask a coach!

STANDARDS: Read through the standards, and practice reps to define your position for the standards.


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