Workout of the Day, 3.22.13

Gymnastics, with Erin, at 430pm and 530pm.

Hybrid/Advanced Oly with Jim, 7-9am, and 530-730pm.

Foundations will soon be held at 730pm on Friday nights (starting NEXT week) right after Rowing which will also be at 630pm.

Behold: this moment from yesterday.


Below: newly minted member, Marc mid jump-roping practice yesterday. So many of our newest members braved some pretty epic work yesterday: rowing a total volume of 2500m and attempting 150 Wallballs.  Keep up the great work, friends!  We’re rooting for you!



 MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll to Legs, a full and focused 5 minutes. Lax Ball Shoulders, 2 minutes per side. 1 round of 30ft. inchworm, 60ft. hands overhead walking lunge plus twist toward front knee. Review the the movements in the metcon, and set up your weights for the metcon.

SKILL WORK: The Ring Dip. Practice holding the ring support (plus turnout) and the bottom position of the ring dip.

STRENGTH: Weighted Ring Dip, perform at least 6 sets of 3 and record your heaviest set.


AMRAP in 12 minutes of:

4 Light Presses

8 Deadlifts with the same bar

12 Front Squat with the same bar

This should be done with a weight that feels very light for all these reps – so, beginning females should use 35lbs and males should use 53-65lbs.  Intermediate athletes should use (women) 53lbs. and (gentlemen) 75lbs. Advanced athletes should use (women) 75-83lbs. and (gentlemen) 115-135lbs depending on strength levels.

Below: Coach Danny and Coach Tim talk Wallball mechanics, sorta.


Scores for 13.3 from Thursday!  There’s more to come from this upcoming weekend!


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