Workout of the Day, 3.8.13

Day 1 is done, yall!

The first day of the 2013 CrossFit Open is officially in the books. You all did a spectacular job today – you judged each other with a virtuous eye, you faced some fears and snatched them anyway, and you maaaay have helped to levitate some bars with the power of your support and some very enthusiastic cheering…welcome to the season of competitive CrossFit! I heard some great stories from each session today – and after personally watching Scotti hit her (former) 1RM snatch of 75 pounds NINE TIMES in this workout, I’m officially all hyped up on CrossFit right now.

Did you witness anything awe-inspiring today? Post thoughts to comments!

A few important things to note:

If you are signed up for the Open, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ENTERING YOUR OWN SCORES on the Games site. You must enter your score by Sunday, 5pmPT/8pmET to enter your scores (although I definitely wouldn’t wait til the last minute to enter if I were you). If you miss the deadline, we cannot do anything to help you get that score on the board so post it sooner rather than later!

If you couldn’t make it today or want to take another stab at 13.1, there will be a makeup session on Saturday from 1-3pm. Sign up on Mindbody if you plan to do the workout again, or just come by and cheer on your comrades.




MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball all the things, 8 minutes. Band assisted pec stretch, 30 sec/side. Band assisted overhead stretch, 30 seconds per side. Yoga Push-ups, 5 reps. Wall walk-up or kick-up, handstand hold, for 30 seconds. Set up a bar for the metcon and perform a few reps of the Deadlift.SKILL WORK: The Ring Dip. Practice holding the ring support and the bottom position of the ring dip.STRENGTH: Weighted Ring Dip, perform at least 6 sets of 3.CONDITIONING:

5 rounds of:

30 seconds on/30 seconds off

Deadlift (50% max)***
Handstand Hold

***Advanced Team or anyone else repeating the Open WOD 13.1 this weekend, DO NOT DEADLIFT IN THE METCON. Instead sub a 30 second row for calories.


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