Workout of the Day, 4.12.13


Turkish Get Ups. A CFCC Retrospective.


We’ve been putting heavy things over our heads  and standing up with them for a few years now (former CFCC’er Niveen shows off STELLAR TGU form)….it all started in a TINY second floor space on Camac Street.


...and then there was that time we did CrossFit in a racquetball court.

…and then there was that time we did CrossFit in a racquetball court.


On 13th Street.

Showing off good progressions on 13th Street…

Finally...we moved to our new home on Chestnut Street. And made flannel, mustaches and jorts cool again.

Finally we got settled in our new Chestnut Street home. And celebrated the wonderful world of flannel, mustaches and jorts.




MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Around Shoulder Blades on Back, 2 minutes per side. Lax Ball to Upper Trap in Glute Bridge, 1 minute per side. 3 Rounds of: Hollow Rocks (10 reps), Spiderman Steps (3 per side), Windmills (no load unless you’d like to and are experienced, 3 reps per side).

SKILL WORK: Review the Turkish Get Up


AMRAP in 18 minutes:

Turkish Get-Up, (1.5/1) – 2 reps (L+R+L+R)

Strict Toes to Bar, 4 reps

*You may scale the load for the TGU, and you may scale the Toes to Bar to an L-Raise.

*Advanced Team: 2/1.5 is the rx’d weight for the TGU, but scale as needed.  The T2B are to be done as noted.  If you struggle with strict T2B you may complete fewer reps or you may complete kipping T2B but only in an unbroken set.  During the review for the Turkish Get Up feel free to work up to a max TGU here with any implement.

The highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it. – John Ruskin

Happy Friday. Just because.

Happy Friday. Just because.

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